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Welcome to Illuminati!

This is a semi public group that will only accept members
who are already part of our guild/alliance in the game Aika. 
This site will be a great source of information for all members weather your lvl 1-80+. Please feel free to utilize this site as a means to gain and share knowledge so that we as a whole can become a more organized and cohesive group.
We have players from around the world! We use google translate to aid in effective communications. 

    As a guild Illuminati focuses on fair and honorable play. We work hard and play hard. We are an exceptionally helpful guild. We expect our members to be helpful to the guild, other members and Osty folks as well. If you feel doing guild quests, coordinating dungeons or following commands is beneath you, it isn't likely you'll be happy here.Team work is a requirement, and is recognized and rewarded with the pride of helping us all grow stronger as a whole. We have nation pride, though we don't always support or agree with the current government, we work to keep Osty safe. We strive for change for Osty to regain former honor and glory, fair and supportive of all levels and classes.

Guild rules:
1. We do not PK our own nation, unless we are attacked first. We don't start fights, we finish them!!
2. Help your guild members and alliance members when possible.
3. Represent the guild in the best way possible, keep trolling to a minimum.
4. Unless there is a benefit to the guild as a whole *NO, we do NOT plvl*!
5. We raid and defend as best you can.
6. Follow the rules, or get out.

Alliance activities    
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